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Previously the home of Lord Truscott, Truscott Manor is steeped in rich history. From 1879, it served as the family country home for the former Mayor of London. Ever since the building has maintained its unique character and now spaciously houses 39 residents over the age of 65. Set amongst beautiful gardens, it offers a place of tranquility in the heart of East Grinstead. The rooms are spacious, and the communal areas look out onto the gardens and fill with sunlight throughout the day.

The home offers full 24hr care to all residents. Our staff are well trained to deal with a range of ailments, with a focus on Parkinson's disease, stroke disabilities and end of life care. Physiotherapy, is provided in order to maintain high muscle function and increase mobility within our residents. On top of all medical care a range of communal activities are available as well as a visiting hairdresser.

Truscott Manor is centered around a holistic definition of care. Our aim is to combine the excellence of modern medicine with a traditional, quintessentially British feel. It is not a hospital, it is a home, and we believe it should feel like one. Highly trained staff and first-rate medical care does not mean it needs to feel clinical, instead we have worked to cultivate a place with a homely familiarity that resonates with our residents. This unique balance has created an atmosphere of joviality, comfort and affection, that ultimately transpires into happiness within our residents and energises them to live a content, dignified life.

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