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Philosophy of Care

Individual Care


We believe that care is not the same for everyone. Therefore, we treat every resident individually, caring for them in a way that is specific to them, to their ailments and to their preferences. We are aware that these things can change and we strive to move with the change. In efforts to ensure this we hold regular residents meetings where by residents and their relatives can voice their concerns and requests. Our staff have been trained to implement such changes and ensure that they are reactive to all residents needs.

Emotional Well-being


We believe that people are Healthiest when Happy. Besides delivering superior medical care, we seek to cultivate an atmosphere of vitality, comfort and freedom. We enable residents to personalise their rooms and their meals, and through a series of social activities including art therapy, games, quizzes, and music facilitate a sense of community, and all round well-being.



We believe in Empowerment over Reliance. We aim to empower all residents to live a full, active and dignified life. We want them to have the freedom and ability to do what they enjoy most. Through a well balanced diet, supportive staff, physiotherapy, and other social activites, we aim to energise our residents, so that they can live with dignity and vitality.  

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