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“The staff are genuine in their respect for my relative and the actual nursing care is second to none”.

“I’ve no reason to complain but if I did I’d see the manager and am sure they would listen to me and sort it out straight away”

“The atmosphere is warm and friendly and they really do care. They’ve taken away my worries totally”

“Before my relative moved here they were very down but now they have gained weight, mix with others, want to live and have a sparkle in their eyes”

“The care has been wonderful and I can’t praise them enough”

Letters From Residents and Their Families

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Reference Kay Spendlove 001
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2015-11-02 13.22.01
2015-11-02 13.21.57
2015-11-02 13.22.24
2015-11-02 13.22.20
2015-11-02 13.20.54
2015-11-02 13.15.16
2015-11-02 13.15.23
2015-11-02 13.13.27
2015-11-02 13.14.28
2015-11-02 13.18.23
2015-11-02 13.15.53
2015-11-02 13.19.55
2015-11-02 13.16.10
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