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Covid-19 Information 

The priority of Truscott Manor is, and always will be, the well-being of our residents. In light of the recent Corona Virus Pandemic, we have had to adapt some of our practices to ensure the maximum well-being of our residents. We would like to reassure you that we are continuously monitoring COVID-19 pandemic guidelines released by the Government, Public Health England and CQC (the national regulatory body for health and social care services), and are implementing any guidance in a way that is tailored to the individuals we care for as well as their families. Below are a few documents that outline some of the changes we have implemented, as well as some positive feedback received from CQC. These include our new visitation policy as well as CQC's infection prevention control inspection report; that we were chosen for based our exemplary ability to prevent any spread of the virus throughout the pandemic.

CQC Infection Prevention Control Report 

Due to Truscott Manor's ability to prevent any spread of Corona Virus throughout the initial stages of the pandemic, Truscott was chosen by CQC as one of 300 homes in the UK to receive an IPC (Infection Prevention Control) Thematic Review. This was a visit, to inspect infection prevention control procedures, in order to learn the best practices so as to inform other care homes nationwide, on how to prevent the spread of Corona virus. This document is the resulting report of CQC's visit, conducted in August 2020. Click here to view the full document.

CQC Emergency Support Framework Report

Early on in the pandemic, CQC conducted an Emergency Support Framework Interview with all care providers. The intention of this was to assess the level of preparedness of each home in terms of tackling and preventing the spread of corona virus. It was also designed as a way for CQC to support care homes and offer advice on improvements they see to be fit. This document is the report from our ESF interview, conducted in June 2020. Click here to view the full document.

Visitation Policy

We are currently allowing visitations, but under much stricter conditions than previously. This document outlines our full visitation policy; how to manage visits and how to stay connected with your loved ones if and when it is deemed unsafe to visit.

To view the full document click here.

You can also read our letter to families regarding visitations here

And our Responsible visitors code here

Last Updated 20.04.2021

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